Rehearsing the Gospel – Grace Hill Elders

For Your Joy, Pt. 6 – Allan McCullough

For Your Joy, Pt. 5 – Allan McCullough

This Verse Changed My Life, Pt. 3 – Nick Jones

For Your Joy, Pt. 4 – Allan McCullough

This Cultural Moment – “Choose Proximity”

As we think about the Dobbs vs. Jackson Supreme Court decision that repealed Roe vs. Wade, we look to the Scriptures, Hebrews 2:14-15, to be reminded about how Jesus ministered to the desperate and broken.

For Your Joy, Pt. 3 – Allan McCullough

We study the third commandment in Exodus 20:7 by also looking at how Jesus is the exact imprint of the nature of God in Hebrews 1:1-4.

For Your Joy, Pt. 2 – Allan McCullough

In Pt. 2 of “For Your Joy”, we study the second commandment in Exodus 20:4-6 in a message titled " A Patient, Trusting Heart."

This Verse Changed My Life, Pt. 2 – Evan Snyder

How are we to view our weaknesses? Are they a friend or a foe? We look to the book of 2 Corinthians to explore how God uses our weaknesses to show His strength as we hear from one of our Elder / Pastors, Evan Snyder, on the passage of scripture that has changed, and is still changing, his life.