FORMED, Part Five | Close – Allan McCullough

Grace Hill Church
Grace Hill Church
FORMED, Part Five | Close - Allan McCullough

We continue in our series FORMED. We study John 10 and learn about what it means to walk closely with Jesus.

Reflection Questions

How have you wrestled with discerning the “will of God” in the past? What decisions were you trying to make? What was that experience like?

Do you more naturally view Jesus as a shepherd who is with you at all times or a distant owner who expects you to perform with little help or guidance?

We primarily hear God’s voice in the mundane and not the extraordinary.

In what ways do you seek to hear God’s voice – through coincidence, dreams, or major life events?

Do you tend to commune with God through being with other people or through solitude? Why?

What would it look like to bring more regularity and balance to these spiritual disciplines?

Joy is not found in worldly gain but in God.

How would you describe your “promised land” – the place or circumstance that you have been waiting on and are convinced will bring you rest and joy?

Would you take that promised land without God?

Why is it true that our promised land is wherever God is?

The Will of God is not a mystery of the future but a reality in the present.

How would you describe your current life circumstances?

How does it make you feel that your in the middle of God’s will right now?

What would it look like to walk closely with Jesus in the midst of these circumstances right now?