FORMED, Part Seven | Compassion – Allan McCullough

Grace Hill Church
Grace Hill Church
FORMED, Part Seven | Compassion - Allan McCullough

We study Matthew 9 to learn about the compassion that God has shown us and the compassion He calls His people to show the world as ministers of the New Covenant.

Reflection Questions:

Read Luke 14:16-24 and Luke 15:11-32. Using these parables from Jesus, compare and contrast the Old Covenant with the New Covenant. Try to be as detailed as possible. What is God’s role in each? What is the role of God’s people in each?

In Matthew 9, why are Jesus’ actions incompatible with the Old Covenant thinking of the Pharisees? What does Jesus mean that His blood inaugurates a New Covenant when He serves the Last Supper?

How would you describe New Covenant Compassion? What does Jesus’ example show us? What are the prerequisites for New Covenant Compassion?

Do you find that you have this kind of compassion toward the lost, the poor, the oppressed, and the broken? Maybe some, but not all?

Does New Covenant Compassion make your uncomfortable or uneasy? Describe what it makes you feel.

Can you remember a time where you developed compassion for someone after you learned their story?

In what ways can you begin to daily remind yourself of the compassion that God has shown you?