FORMED, Part Ten | Together – Allan McCullough

Grace Hill Church
Grace Hill Church
FORMED, Part Ten | Together - Allan McCullough

For our final week in our FORMED series, we study Acts 2 among many other passages to understand how Jesus calls His church to live the Christian life together.

Reflection Questions:

How have you typically defined Christlike character and endurance for yourself?

How would it make you feel if a friend… …asked you to read the Bible with them once a week?

…asked you to help watch their kids so they could go on a date or get some rest?

…wanted to talk about faith more because they were struggling with doubt?

…confessed sin to you and wanted some accountability?

…invited you over for dinner to hang out?

…called you to share something they read in Scripture that really encouraged them?

What do you assume your friends feel whenever you think about calling them to ask for help?

Why do you think we are so programmed to manage as much of life and faith as possible on our own?

Read Acts 2:42-47.

How do you envision the way this church lives life together? What practical things could we as a church do to better live by the example of the early church in Acts 2? Why is self-reliance antithetical to the gospel?