FORMED, Week Five | Battered – Allan McCullough

Grace Hill Church
Grace Hill Church
FORMED, Week Five | Battered - Allan McCullough

We continue our 10-week discipleship journey called FORMED. We study Lamentations 3 among other passages to learn how the Gospel not only provides forgiveness from our sins but also provides healing from the ways that we have been sinned against.


Reflection Questions: Read Genesis 2:25-3:8.

Why do you think Adam and Eve wanted to cover their nakedness when they first sinned? Why were they afraid of God? Why were they afraid of one another?

Do you feel uncomfortable talking about the ways in which you have been wounded and hurt through life? If so, why?

When doing self-examination and in partnering with God in your sanctification, why is the question: “What’s wrong with me?” not enough?

Why must we also be curious about the question: “What happened to me?”

In what ways do our wounds in life shape our character? Be specific.

Read Lamentations 3:1-26.

How does this prayer make you feel? Do you feel permission to pray similar prayers to God?

What present struggles do you have that might be connected to ways in which you have been sinned against in the past?

In what ways have you covered yourself up with the fig leaves? Have you shared this with a trusted person?

What do you think healing looks like from this wound?

What do you think it looks like to take real responsibility for the ways in which this has shaped your character?

Is your local church a safe place for you to invite others in on a healing and repentance process?