Luke, Pt. 46 – “Faithful for the Sake of the Kingdom”

This morning, Pastor Nick Jones teaches from Luke 16:1-13 where we are challenged by Jesus to see ourselves as stewards called to be faithful for the kingdom in our lives as well as in the lives of others.

Luke, Pt. 45- “Going After the Lost, The Hurting, & the Outsider”

Pastor Allan McCullough leads us through Luke 14:25-15:32 and we are challenged by Jesus to weigh the costs of following Him. However, the question we need to consider is this: What does it actually mean to follow Jesus?

Luke, Pt. 44- “The Great Obstacle to the Kingdom of God”

Pastor Evan Snyder teaches from Luke 13:31-14:1-24. In this section of Luke we see Jesus press the main reason why humanity rejects Him and His kingdom.

Luke, Pt. 43- “Repentance and the Narrow Door”

This morning, we study Luke 13:1-30 and learn about what it looks like to have a heart of repentance.

Luke, Pt. 42- “The Disruption of the Cross”

We return to our study of the Gospel of Luke. This morning, we study Luke 12:49-59 and wrestle with some of Jesus’ most challenging words.

1 John 4:7-12 – “What We Want For You”

As we enter 2022, our Lead Pastor, Allan McCullough, walks us through 1 John 4:7-12 to help us understand our desire for every person who is a part of Grace Hill Church this year.

Psalm 90 – “Approaching the One Who Satisfies”

The Promise of Hope, Pt. 5 – “The One Worthy of Our Hope”

The Promise of Hope, Pt. 4 – “The Righteous Branch Will Cleanse Us”