For Your Joy, Pt. 3 – Allan McCullough

We study the third commandment in Exodus 20:7 by also looking at how Jesus is the exact imprint of the nature of God in Hebrews 1:1-4.

For Your Joy, Pt. 2 – Allan McCullough

In Pt. 2 of “For Your Joy”, we study the second commandment in Exodus 20:4-6 in a message titled " A Patient, Trusting Heart."

For Your Joy, Pt. 1 – Allan McCullough

We kick off a new sermon series from Exodus 20, based on the 10 Commandments. This study centers around the truth the God's commands are for our own joy. Listen to the first message in the series, "No Other Gods."

A Delight to be Around, Pt. 4 – “A Christlike Church”

In Pt. 4 of our series, we again study Romans 12 to understand how people should treat each other inside the church. It is in our Christlike love for one another that we prove the love of Jesus not only to the world, but to one another.

A Delight to be Around, Pt. 3 – “Engage with Honor”

As we continue in our study of Romans 12, we learn about how the Christian is called to engage with the culture around us. What do we do if the culture disagrees with us or persecutes us? How do we respond?

A Delight to be Around, Pt. 2 – “Offering All of Ourselves”

In Part 2 of "A Delight to be Around" we explore the difference between explicit faith and implicit faith and the parts of ourselves that God is calling us to offer to Him.

A Delight to be Around, Pt. 1 – “Attitude”

We begin a new series studying Romans 12 entitled A DELIGHT TO BE AROUND. What should the attitude and temperament of God's people be?

Luke, Pt. 54 (Easter) – “Jesus: Risen King or Idle Tale?”

Jesus is risen! Join us at Grace Hill Church as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus through studying Luke 24:1-12.

Luke, Pt. 53 (Palm Sunday) – “Who is Jesus to You?”

It is Palm Sunday, the day that marks when Jesus entered into Jerusalem for the final time before He goes to the cross. As He entered, He wept, because the people of Jerusalem would reject Him as their Messiah and King. As we study Luke 19:28-48 this Palm Sunday, we are going to ask ourselves if we believe and accept Jesus for who He actually is.

Luke, Pt. 52 – “Deposits & Withdrawals”

This morning we study Luke 19:1-27 and learn about how God transforms how we view our resources and experiences in this world. Do we make withdrawals for ourselves or deposits into the Kingdom?